Something happened last September which although seemingly innocuous has had a big impact on us.  We had spent a period of over a year moving around from office to office – we had been in 3 in the space of a year.  We finally settled for a location in a quieter part of town that has resulted in something really exciting happening.

This should perhaps be prefaced by saying that our office works as a collective of people from all areas of film, photography and animation.  We have a great setup as we all work with and for each other on various projects, combining skill-sets when needed and giving each other inspiration.  The freelance model is one that serves Other Finger Films well as it means we can bring in the right person for the right job; for example, we have 3 directors of photography that we use equally on projects, depending on who we feel would be right for it.  So being in such a cross-section of people has proved a treat.

Having lived a nomadic existence for a while, we finally have gotten ourselves an office in a little mews.  This means we can have our kit all organised and out, ready to use as opposed to storing it away.  It also means that we’ve realised a number of creative businesses are on the same road as ours, constantly popping our heads into one-another’s units.  The result has been a certain buzz within the office.  Things always happening, whether it’s ad-hoc shoots, or sharing work, or meeting people from a number of walks of life.  There’s something that’s happening and something that is growing where we are and it’s so much fun to be a part of.  The future is looking to see us branch out in a number of directions, some inspired by the talented people around us.