So, we just got back from three days filming a Music Video for director Kenny McCracken in Norway – can’t wait to launch it.  We filmed on top of a mountain in Bergen with our KineMini 4K camera and our DJI Ronin.  The snow was knee deep and we had to trek through a mile of it, carrying 30 kg’s on our backs, and a case between us weighing 30kgs.  It really was a challenge, but incredibly fun to film.  It was our first time filming in these conditions and we learned some things:

Camera in the cold.  We were filming in -10 degrees celcius and our first concern was whether the camera would freeze up.  We turned internal fans off and kept an eye on the core temperature, it dealt with it well, keeping to 28 degrees which is a little cool.  The one big thing was to make concern over condensation.  Our solution was to firstly not take the camer in and out from the cold.  Secondly, we made sure that at the end of every day, we wrapped the camera in a sealed plastic bag, that way no condensation from the warm room could get onto the camera.  Thirdly, when we got back, we put all the lenses and camera on the window sill by the window, keeping it cooler and allowing it to warm up slowly.  One other good thing is that the Think Tank bag we use for camera kit is very well insulated meaning that when we took it into the airport at the end of the final day filming, it too kept the camera cool and allowed it to warm very slowly.

Batteries were also a nightmare, they go flat very quickly.  So making sure they are fully charged really does help combat that.  We also kept the wireless monitor feed and wireless follow focus controller as warm as we could whenever possible.

Get a down jacket; I can’t stress that enough.

Gloves, get some good gloves… I didn’t have good ones, just spark’s gloves; they’re not waterproof or warm.

Overall, it really was a great experience.  See some of the photos from below.