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    We are visual storytellers

    Who are we

    We are visual storytellers and we want to tell your story

    We’re a film-production company based in London and Brighton.  Our work takes us from the South-East of England to the United States and all over Europe.  We are visual storytellers, using film to tell the stories of the brands, companies and individuals we work with.  Our work covers TV Ads, Youtube Preroll, Lifestyle films, Short-form documentary, Music Videos and more.

    Our films are cinematic and distinct, using our skillset to create an aesthetic that tells your story in the best way.  We want to hear from you and tell your story, bringing to life your vision in a stylish, exciting way.

    Our approach starts with listening – listening to you and hearing what it is you want to say.  Then research, this might be looking into style and approach that may suit you – not all films need huge crews, so we work as a small crew or crews as large as 12 people for some shoots.  It’s all about making the project work for you and approaching it with a creative-lead technique.



    We want to show you what we can do.

    Below are a selection of some of our favourite projects we’ve shot.  Our work has covered such a huge range of styles and subjects that no two projects end up alike.  Some are for web, others for broadcast, but our approach and style always maintains throughout.

    Smile, Love & Be Kind Documentary
    Just Cause 4 – Dev Diaries Documentary
    BW Hero Films Conceptual · Corporate · Documentary
    Shoreride Crowdfunding Corporate · Documentary
    Comedy Central Idents Broadcast
    Natural Fitness Food Corporate · Lifestyle
    SASS & CO Conceptual · Corporate · Lifestyle
    THIRD SPACE Corporate · Lifestyle
    Manuka Doctor Documentary · Lifestyle
    ONO Vodka Conceptual · Corporate · Lifestyle
    August – Ghosts Music Video
    Diageo Gifting Ads Corporate
    Bare Biology Film Corporate
    August Cruel – Music Video Music Video
    Secret Friend – Something’s Happening Fiction · Music Video
    Atelier De Nagy Documentary · Lifestyle
    Diageo Youtube Pre-Roll Ad Corporate · Lifestyle
    Third Space Gym Lifestyle
    Baroque Jewellery Lifestyle
    Dulux Amazing Spaces Corporate
    Cambian – A Portrait of a Foster Parent Documentary · Lifestyle
    1Rebel Gym Film Lifestyle
    Sing Your Heart Out – TV AD Broadcast
    Life Is Strange – Dev Diaries Documentary
    Twisted Linings Documentary
    Work Hard Rave Hard – TV ad Broadcast
    The Travels of Barber Brian Burt Documentary · Photography
    Ade: A Portrait of an Artist Conceptual · Documentary
    Maserati Ghibli – Let’s Play Conceptual · Fiction · Lifestyle
    Tile Mountain – TV AD Broadcast
    Tim Hassall – An Invincible Summer Documentary
    A Barber’s Life Documentary
    Misfits – Season 5 BTS Documentary
    Glenlivet – Sense Films Conceptual
    Lolcat Teh Documentary Documentary
    Baroque – Bespoke Jewellery Documentary · Lifestyle

    Some of Our Top Films

    Our Approach

    We tell your stories, but here is our's

    We promise to always provide our clients with the highest quality films we can.  We strive to make every project we work on our best project to date.  There’s no budget too small, or idea too simple; we can work with you to make it visually exciting and engaging.

    Either email or call and we can start the conversation with you of how to bring your idea to life.  We work with creative/digital agencies as well as directly with clients, big and small businesses alike.  Get in touch.

    Motion Graphics

    Here are our key team members

    Jonathan Nicol
    Jonathan Nicol

    Jonathan founded Other Finger Films in 2009 having graduated Royal Holloway University of London with a BA in English and Drama and an MA with Merit in Feature Film Screenwriting.  Jonathan has now directed a huge number of TV ads, online films, Ad Campaigns.  His love of story-telling is the reason Other Finger Films has a consistency of style, but a broadness of cinematic approach, preferring to come up with new techniques and exciting ways to make films.

    Biggest Influences: Wes Anderson, David Fincher, Martin Scorcese

    Joe Pearson
    Joe Pearson

    Joey has a great eye for composition and a distinct style that helps give our projects their unmistakeable look.  Having graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a First Class BA (Hons) in Photography, his background in media, art and film-making makes him a strong story-teller, a perfect fit for the team.  Joe creates Other Finger Films’ pitches and storyboards, helping us to convey our vision for our films to our clients.  He draws references from far and wide, working closely with Jonathan to translate their vision onto paper, then onto the screen.

    Biggest Influences: Quentin Tarantino, Wes Anderson & Jurgen Teller

    Richard Osborne
    Richard Osborne

    Rich is interested in uncovering interesting stories and telling them through his visuals. His background in studying film gives his work a voice, which allows him to push the boundaries with every project and find exciting ways to approach each one.  Rich continues to add a traditional aspect of film-making to the more experimental stylings of Jonathan and Joey, making the team gel really well together.  His showreel can be seen here: https://vimeo.com/150883496

    Biggest Influences: Roger Deakins, Barry Ackroyd and the Coen Brothers.

    Franco Pezzino
    Franco Pezzino

    Franco has nearly 20 years experience in the film industry and has worked on some huge projects, including being the Director of Photography on he brings a calm and measured approach to the job along with a diverse style.  Franco has been working with Other Finger Films for the past year and a half and has helped us to develop the look and feel of our high-end work.

    Kenny McCracken
    Kenny McCracken

    Kenny has made the transition from being a Photographer into film, whilst maintaining his photography work.  Kenny has shot a large number of our campaigns as DOP and also added his services as director.  Kenny’s directing has seen him work on some very big music videos, including https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_HlPboLRL8 .

    We’ve worked with some great names


    We want to hear from you
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    We want to tell your story.


    We want to hear from you


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